36v 22ah battery 36V rear rack battery ebike battery li ion 36V 30A BMS with tail light 2A Charger for 36V e bike free shipping

36v 22ah battery 36V rear rack battery ebike battery li ion 36V 30A BMS with tail light 2A Charger for 36V e bike free shipping
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30A 10A 20A Solar Charge Controllers 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V LCD Solar Charger Regulator Li Li-ion lithium LiFePO4 Batteries SL03

Item Descrption

SL03 series controllers are kinds of intelligent multi-functional solar charge and discharge controller. This series adopts thenew 32bit microprocessor to collect and compute various parameters, which is much more accurate and speedy than the former 8bit microprocessor. The customized LCD with wide temperature range is with vivid operation interface; the latest proprietary technology solves the problem of voltage display of solar panel. Nearly all parameters can be shown and set up flexibly. All of the multi-meter and other voltage and current instruments can be replaced by this controller, which can satisfy your various demands.

lithium charge controller 30a


  • Newly Upgraded: Data collection by 32bit microprocessor with 4096 resolution ratio is much more accurate than the

  • former 8bit microprocessor with 1024 resolution ratio.

  • Newly Upgraded: The voltage of solar panel can be shown and checked.

  • Newly Upgraded: The results and states of each monitoring parameters can be automatically showed by turns

  • (automatic-scanning).

  • Newly Upgraded: Light-operated sensitivity is set flexibility which can recognize day and night reliably according to the

  • voltage of solar panel.

  • Newly Upgraded: Floating charge voltage can also be set, which can be especially applied to charge and discharge at the

  • same time, controlling the voltage of battery flexibly

  • Newly Upgraded: The protected USB5V voltage-stabilized source output, for other 5V load like mobile phone charging

  • that compatible USB. The energy consumption will automatically reduce when non-loaded, we don’t need to control it by hand

  • switch, realizing the plug and play.

  • Newly Upgraded: The charge-discharge parameters of wide range can be adjusted flexibly, which is suitable for various

  • kinds of battery, such as lithium battery,gel battery,car battery .The old and new battery can all be applied to.

  • Newly Upgraded: Automatic temperature compensation and adjustable compensating parameter, for example, the lithium

  • battery can choose the closing temperature compensation.

  • Newly Upgraded: Flame-retardant plastic shell

  • Newly Upgraded: LCD display screen with wide temperature range is with visual graphic symbol display.

  • compact keys operation

  • automatic identification of system voltage classes

  • intelligent PWM charge mode

  • Configurable load operating mode

  • accumulative function of charge-discharge AH

  • telecommunication monitoring function

  • (The function needs to WINCONG order)

  • back discharge protection of battery

  • low-voltage protection of battery

  • transposition protection of battery

  • overload and short-circuit protection




Display 2


Parameter table

Max charge current10A20A30A10A30A
Max load current10A20A30A10A30A
Max Voltage of solar panel <=50V <=100V
Voltage of battery 12V/24V Auto Discriminating 36V/48V/60V Auto Discriminating
Stop-Charge-Voltage default 14.4V/28.8V(can setting9V-35V) default43.2/57.6/72.0V(can setting28V-78V)
Float-charge-voltage default 13.6V/27.2V(can setting9V-35V) default40.8/54.4/68.0V(can setting28V-78V)
Low Voltage Reconnected default40.8/54.4/68.0V(can setting28V-78V) default37.2/49.6/62.0V(can setting28V-78V)
Low Voltage Disconnection default 10.8V/21.6V(can setting9V-35V) default32.4/43.2/54.0V(can setting28V-78V)
No load losses current <=15mA <=10mA
Over-load and short circuit 1.1 times of max current, works for 5 seconds or Short circuit,,the load is off at once and the indicator icon flashing,Then wait 30 seconds, it will automatically restart to work.
Charging circuit voltage drop <=0.26V
Load circuit voltage drop <=0.17V
Temperature compensation (0~-5mv)/2V/°C
Working temperature -25 ~ +60°C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +75°C
Humidity Requirements <=90% ,no condensation
Protection gradesIP30
Mounting Hole Spacing 134*55mm
Installation Cable area <=8mm⊃2; ( 8#AWG)


solar controller 30a

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10A 20A: