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Oписание продукта


Product name: simulation of the Wolf


Product material: leather (each will be a little different)


Product specification: length 100 cm, 80 cm hightupian


Heze city is the birthplace of the simulation animal, and macro art simulation animal fur do one of the earliest manufacturers Macro art fur co., LTD., long-term supply fur toy, fur crafts, simulation fur animal handicraft, toy animals, fur, feather crafts. Dog cat products including simulation, simulation, simulation, simulation camel, simulation donkeys, cattle, simulation simulation yak, the simulation of the rabbit, goat simulation, simulation of sheep, deer simulation, simulation giraffe, simulation of kangaroo, the tiger, the lion and the fox, the koala, simulation koalas, simulation, simulation of the Wolf, the simulation penguins, simulation squirrel, simulation of panda, the eagle, the chicken. Vivid simulation products, quality excellent, price is favourable, flexible order way. Heze area to be engaged in fur traditional toys processing, we use the local research and development ability, abundant fur resources and labor resources development and production of all sorts of modelling simulation fur animal products, all products first injection into to produce animal shapes, shell with rabbit hair and wool. Vivid simulation products, quality excellent, price is favourable, flexible order way. Sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to inquire, to discuss cooperationfangzhen

What is the animal simulation crafts:


Simulation animals use made of animal fur, in accordance with the physical size specimens, it is a kind of leather toy animals. According to the regular expressions and movements of animals, simulation animal forms, lifelike. As more and more people love pets, pet shops, pet hospital boomed gradually. However, due to various reasons, many of the people who love pets cannot or is not suitable for pets, such as pregnant women, then the emergence of the simulation of pet was greatly make up for their needs. A lifelike simulation cat dog, neither feeding, without care, also can bring happiness to people.

Product features:

True fur, deep processing, wide variety, smooth shape, dynamic vivid, lifelike, soft and comfortable. Damage resistance is strong, not easy to break. Not depilate (kiss just received first will be a bit floating hair, mind of slow shot), free from contamination. The characteristics of the real fur is extremely easy to gray, can keep clean for a long time (dust: comb, and hair drier can; oil stains: dry cleaning are available, and do not wash)


How to clean:

First with detergent to wipe with wet cloth, then dry with a dry paper or cloth. Fur simulation animal use glue more hair, can not be washed, wipe not too hard, or you will drop hair! If a messy state in fur, can gently with the comb suitable way, dressed as the way you like, show her unique decorative value.


About the price:

Simulation animal belongs to high-grade handicraft arts and crafts, the quality of the product depends on the degree of fine arts and crafts and choose fur material quality. True fur simulation animal handicraft production of our company are in high-grade products, by the old actor fashioned, USES high-grade fur or classy fur, such as high-grade beaver rabbit wool or wool and fur after several high temperature disinfection processing, tasteless pollution-free! Different from other similar products on the market of ordinary fur products and plush toys. Please look for the customers of the company products, independent brand trend line handicraft furnishing articles