2PCS Original Japan AKISUI 4'' Full Frequency Speaker Driver Unit Casting Aluminum Frame Dual Magnets Fs 60Hz 4ohm 60W Square

2PCS Original Japan AKISUI 4'' Full Frequency Speaker Driver Unit Casting Aluminum Frame Dual Magnets Fs 60Hz 4ohm 60W Square
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Oписание продукта


Whole pot body cast aluminum

Paint technology


  1., apply the principle of the pressure cooker, so that the food can be completely sealed and cooked. The nourishment of the food will not be lost, and the original flavor will be healthier and more delicious.


2 . A unique silicon - oxygen sealing ring and a 4000 - Gauss magnetic lock device are provided , so that the food can be prevented from leaking when cooking , and the safe and comfortable cooking state can be achieved .


  3. the inner layer of the body is made of diamond penetration technology, and the outer layer is made of sandblasting ceramic non sticky layer. The heat conduction is more uniform, the cleaning is more convenient. It can also radiate far infrared, making the cooking speed faster and healthier.


4. Original double-sided pressure cooking function, so that the operation process more humane, just gently, the food is natural and cooked.


Considerations for use:

Safety precautions for double-sided cookers:
1, in addition to the original cooking purposes, do not use this pot for any other purpose.
2, do not put into a general oven or microwave oven for use.
Do not tamper with the pan and its parts in any way to avoid gas-related explosions.
4. once the pan is hot, do not touch any metal parts of the pan body.
5, every time you add liquid, oil or food into a heated pan, you should handle it carefully and be careful of splashing.
6, make sure that the nozzle is directed toward a safe direction without any obstacles or unobstructed, so as to avoid burns.
7, do not put the pan empty in the open on the stove for too long, so as to avoid the formation of color stain (at high temperature), damaged silicon oxygen gaskets and nonstick surface.
8. Do not heat or scratch magnetic cases on the handle to avoid weakening the magnetic field and causing the pan to fail to lock properly.
9, every time it is cooked, it is appropriate to open the pan slowly with the angle of tilt, so that the steam and oil condensed in the pot can be properly placed in the oil dripping through the vent.
10, when using, please use medium and small fire to avoid cooking. This pot is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
Each time you open the pan, be sure to make sure the grease drips upward. Avoid unnecessary spatter.
12, if you need to set the pan upright so that you can mix or copy the food in the pan, be careful to avoid scalding your hands.
13, the outer layer of the pot is a ceramic layer - both hot and easy to clean. However, any residue of food, dirt, oil, or carbon scale, if not cleaned and burned again and again, will stick to the outer layer of the pot, and it is difficult to wash it.
14, this pot should not be put into the dishwasher.