20A 24V 600W Solar panels system Low price free shipping PWM controller LS2024B 20amps Solar regulator MT50 and ble eBOX

20A 24V 600W Solar panels system Low price free shipping PWM controller LS2024B 20amps Solar regulator MT50 and ble eBOX
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Oписание продукта

2600W 120VDC Off Grid PWM Wind Solar Hybrid Controller, 2000W Wind Power, 600W Solar Power


If you have other requirements of parameters, you can contact with us directly. We can customize the parameters for you.



Off Grid Controller

Off Grid Wind Solar Hybird Charge Controller is our new promotion product. This new series has wide power range and wide voltage range for choice. If you can\'t find the suitable parameters, you also can contact with us directly. We can customize the parameters for you.

Product Features

1. The product is manufactured according to the JB/T6939.1-2003 industrial standard and GB/T 19115.1-2003 national standard also with users\' technical requirements

2. The big screen LCD display. Clearly present the working status of the wind turbine, solar panel, battery and controller. ( Wind turbine voltage, current, power display; solar voltage, current, power  display, battery charging current, voltage, charging power, power display.)

3. Two sets of control systems: PWM constant voltage system and three-phase dump load system.

4. PWM constant voltage control is 120% of the rated power of the wind turbine. In case exceeding of PMW\'s capacity. the three-phase dump load will automatically start immediately to ensure safe running of the overall wind turbine system.

5. When the battery disconnect or damage, the three-phase dump load will start automatically to avoid the wind turbine idling and runaway accident.

6. When the strong or super-strong wind conditions PWM control to ensure battery charged by the wind turbine with constant voltage and current.

7. The protection function of battery: polarity reverse protection, disconnection and damage protection.

8. Over-charging protection of the battery: When the battery is full ( the battery voltage getting 125% of the rated voltage), the controller will carry out three-phase dump load automatically to stop charging the battery.

9. Auto recharging of battery: When the battery voltage reduces to 108% of the rated voltage, it stops three-phase dump load to recharge battery automatically.

10. For the different wind turbine type, the controller can be equipped with mechanical yawing, furled empennage, mechanical or hydraulic, penumatic, electric magnetic and other brake functions.

11. The inside of the controller is equipped with surge arrester. Contain the over voltage into the wind turbine under the bearable voltage of the equipment or system. On the other way, to conduct the strong lightening current into the earth directly to avoid any damage of equipment.

12. The controller is equipped with manual three-phase dump load switch. To using this switch, the wind turbine will carry out three-phase dump load forcibly.

13. Optional communication mode: RS232, RS485, GPRS, USB, RJ45 etc. can monitor multiple devices runging.

Wind Turbine Rated Power2KW2KW2KW2KW2KW
Wind Turbine Max. Power4KW4KW4KW4KW4KW
Solar Panel Power600Wp600Wp600Wp600Wp600Wp
Function Rectifier, Charge, Controller
Display ModeLCD
Display ContentWind turbine voltage, wind turbine current, wind turbine power, solar  panel voltage, solar panel current, solar panel power, battery voltage, charge current
PWM Constant Pressure Voltage>29VDC>58VDC>116VDC>145VDC>260VDC
3-phase Load Voltage of the Wind Turbine30±1VDC60±1VDC120±2VDC150±2VDC270±2VDC
Recovery Charging Voltage of the Wind Turbine27±1VDC54±1VDC108±2VDC138±2VDC245±2VDC
Solar Controller Stop Charging Voltage29±1VDC58±1VDC116±2VDC150±2VDC265±2VDC
Solar Restore Charge Voltage<29VDC<58VDC<116VDC<145VDC<260VDC
Low-voltage of the Battery20±1VDC40±1VDC80±2VDC100±2VDC180±2VDC
Self-provided Connecting Wire of the Battery>20mm⊃2;>10mm⊃2;>24mm⊃2;>4mm⊃2;>2.5mm⊃2;
PWM Fuse100A50A20A20A10A
Solar Fuse40A20A10A10A6A
Charging Fuse125A63A32A32A16A
Work Environment Temperature-30-60oC
Relative Humidity<90% No condensation
Noise (1m)<40dB
Degree of ProtectionIP20 (Indoor)
Cooling MethodForced air cooling
Communication Interface (Optional)RS485/USB/GPRS/Ethernet
Temperature Compensation (Optional)-4mv/oC/2V, -30oC-+80oC   Accuracy: ±1oC
Size of the Controller (mm)480x360x240480x360x130480x360x130480x360x130480x360x240
Weight of the Controller23kg16kg16kg16kg23kg
Size of the Dump Load (mm)395x300x125395x300x125395x300x125395x300x130395x300x130
Weight of the Dump Load6.5kg6.5kg6.5kg6kg6kg
1. Could be user-customized the controller technical parameters.
2. Could be increased solar panel power according to users demand.
3. If you need communication interface or temperature compensation, please contact with us before you place order.
Product Outline

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Packing & Shipping

According to your quantity, we will choose suitable way to ship your parcel out.


1. The product quality warranty of our company is one year, or in case of any defect or fault found within the quality warranty year as agreed in the contract, our company will provide free maintenance service. Place contact the after-sale department or related business personnel of our company.

2. The warranty range in this quality warranty clause is exclusive of damages caused by external factors, such as damages caused by force majeure, e.g. accident and natural calamities, use not in accordance with the product specification, improper use, negligence, refit, repair, improper installation, improper testing, improper transportation, etc.



1. How to calculate the controller circuit which suitable for my off grid system?

Solar module power/system voltage=controller circuit

2. How to know the batty capacity which i need ?

(Load rated power*working time*1.2)/system voltage=battery capacity

3. How big power of solar panel which can match with this model controller?

(Load rated power*working time*1.3)/sunshine Effective working time=Solar modules power