1000W 36V electric bike battery 36V 30AH Lithium battery use samsung cell 36V 30AH ebike battery with 30A BMS 42V 5A charger

1000W 36V electric bike battery 36V 30AH Lithium battery use samsung cell 36V 30AH ebike battery with 30A BMS 42V 5A charger
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40A 36V Solar Charge Controller, 40A Solar Controller 36V, PV panel Battery Regulator 40A 36V



Product Overview


The controller is suitable for off-grid solar system(Independent System), can automatically control the process of charging and


discharge. The battery discharge process is optimized by the controller, which can extend the battery life and improve the system


performance. The comprehensive electronic protection can avoid controller damage in the installation errors and system failures. 



Main Technical Highlights


1. Double MCU design with high speed and high performance;


2. Excellent heat dissipation and electromagnetic compatibility design;


3. The main circuit adopts the tandem PWM Charging, the charging efficiency is 3%-6% higher than non PWM, which can increase the power time and make t he system have a longer use life;


4. Adopting the character LCD liquid crystal display and double-button interface, complete menu display and operation;


5. Humanized browse interface, which makes the operation more convenient;


6. Use the power MOSFET as switch, without any mechanical switch;


7. Intelligent battery charge indicator conveniently allows users to check the working status of the battery;


8. Sealed lead acid, optional two kinds of battery charging procedure;


9. External temperature sensor, with high-precision temperature compensation;


10. Parameter setting off-electricity protection function, not need to repeat settings, very

conveniently use;


11. With intuitive LED displays, which can let users easily understand the running state of Solar, Battery and Loads;


12. With the protections of over-charge, over-discharge, over-load, electronic protection and battery reverse;  


13. Against lighting protection. 



Technology Parameters Table


System voltage     



System current


30A      /     40A     /    50A    /     60A     /     70A    /     80A    /    90A    /    100A

No-load loss



Solar energy input voltage


Over voltage protection



Over voltage recovery



Balance charge voltage



Increase charge voltage



Float charge voltage



Charging return voltage



Over discharge protection voltage



Over discharge return voltage



Night identification voltage



Daytime identification voltage



Temperature cmpensation



Over-load, short circuit protection

1.25 times rating current 30S;1.5 times rating current 10S overload current protection≥3 times rating current short circuit protection

Work temperature


Protection degree



Outline size









System Connection Display



The controller panel figure




Wiring figure

LED Light Specification








Function     Figure    



At night or battery is failed to connect(1)

Light normally


Normal charge(3)

Slow flash


Float charge(4)

Double flash


Daytime (no charge)(1)

Red lamp in slow flash


Load line in under voltage or high voltage protection(7)

Red lamp in double flash


Load line short circuit protection(6)

Red lamp lights for long time


Load line over load protection(5)



normal work(8)

Dot light loop


The voltage of electric automatic identifying battery in the controller in medium 
Press the button to turn on the light. The light will turn off if no button has been pressed within 60s to save the electricity. Press the button for over 4s, the LCD will turn off. Press the button for 4s again, the LCD will turn on.
Product photos



Installation Instructions

1. Strongly and securely install the controller;


2. The preparation of the conducting wire:calculate the length of the wire ,and then figure out the installation place,make sure the length of the wire is reasonable to decrease the loss of the electricity;


3. Connect the battery first,pay attention to the anode and the cathode to avoid the inverse connection.the indicator light of the battery will work if the connection is correct,otherwise,it will not ,but the component of the controller will not be damaged;


4. Connect the wire of the solar panel, pay attention to the anode and the cathode to avoid the inverse connection.if the connection is correct,the indicator light of “CHARGE”will be on or flash 10 seconds later after laying outside under the sun,otherwise,please check the connection.make sure the solar energy panel is laid outdoors under the sunshine;


5. Connect the load at the end, pay attention to the anode and the cathode to avoid the inverse connection .if inverse connection ,the led lamp may be damaged;


6. The controller’s maximum wire diameter range: 20-2AWG(0.5mm2-33.6mm2).