JASIC IGBT DC Inverter MMA welding equipment ARC 250 (ZX7 250) welding machine 220V,380V

JASIC IGBT DC Inverter MMA welding equipment ARC 250 (ZX7 250) welding machine 220V,380V
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Professional 195A Synergic MIG Welding Machine 4in1 Multifunction Welding Equipment MIG MAG MMA TIG Spool Gun Combined Welder

The Tywel-MIG195Syn is a 4in1 combined welding machine. It offers a suitable welding process for every kind of metal work. Thin sheets of aluminum or sturdy steel girders, with or without gas, in construction or in the workshop, with the welding MIG/MAG, TIG(WIG), MMA(Stick) or Spool Gun you have all the possibilities to connect metals together securely and efficiently.

The high-performance IGBT inverter allows for a quick changeover between the welding methods and in doing so facilitates high-quality welds with an extremely low error rate. The clearly designed control panel with LED display provides maximum control of the welding parameters. You can adjust the amperage and voltage, activate the VRD function, switch operation between 2-stroke and 4-stroke, and finally choose the welding process.

  • Welding method MIG / MAG, TIG, MMA, Spool gun
  • Versatile use for metal working in construction or in the workshop
  • Modern IGBT inverter, Synergy MIG
  • Clearly arranged control panel with LED display
  • Easily switched between 2-stroke and 4-stroke operation
  • Depending on the welding process, suitable for various metals
  • Welding wire feed via the standard feed in the device or via the spool gun directly at the torch


MIG / MAG - fast, effective and universally applicable

The Tywel_MIG195Syn offers an user friendly surface for precious welding quality and arc ignition. The Synergy control let the setting a simple way.

It is characterized by a high weld quality, efficiency, and welding speed. It is universally applicable, so it is just as suitable for welding on steel structures as for smaller welding work.

The synergy function makes it easier for you to select all the parameters of MIG / MAG welding You need only to select the required voltage between 30 and 195 A and the remaining parameters are set automatically.

With the soft-start function, the device achieves uniform and optimal welding results from the start during MIG / MAG welding. The voltage is automatically regulated by inductance, therefore welding sprays are prevented and clean weld seams are reached.

  • Inductance prevents welding splashes (MIG / MAG)
  • Soft start prevents slipping of the burner and produce better welds (MIG / MAG)
  • Synergy function optimally sets all other parameters (MIG / MAG) on the basis of the voltage.


Metal welding TIG - less rework and narrow weld zone

The TIG welding method uses the Lift arc ignition to activate the arc. It is suitable for most metals and can be used with metal of a thickness of 0.5 mm. The torch welds with little spatter and splashes, producing welding seams of a high quality with hardly any deformations. The welding parameters are easy to control via the control panel; welding from different positions is also viable, such as vertically, horizontally or overhead.

  • Lift arc-ignition (TIG)
  • The gas post-flow time is directly controlled and adjustable via the burner (TIG)
  • Optimized power failure prevents damage to the weld (TIG)
  • Suitable also for thin metals from 0.5 mm (TIG)
  • Hardly any spatter, slag problems therefore no post-processing needed(TIG)


MMA - the flexible electrode welding method without gas

For the hand-held welding (MMA), no additional gas is required so that it can be used outdoors even in strong winds.. The welding device generates a very stable current with the voltage being held securely. Very good welding results are achieved upon a variety of metals. The VDR function provides more safety in manual welding, especially when welding in humid environments. For optimum welding results, the functions HOT START, ARC FORCE and ANTISTICK ensure automatic, fast and comfortable welding.

  • VDR - safe working in humid environments through voltage reduction before and after the welding procedure (MMA)
  • Welding outdoors without gas (MMA)
  • Welding for metal with a thickness of 1.5 mm (MMA)







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