New Old Xian Art Collection Book illustration Artwork Comic Cartoon Characters Painting Collection Drawing Book

New Old Xian Art Collection Book illustration Artwork Comic Cartoon Characters Painting Collection Drawing Book
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Product Description:
This is the third and final volume ofthe classic Chinese fantasy novel,Joumey to the West. In it the four pil-grims-the Tang Priest Sanzang andhis three powerful disciples, Monkey,Pig and Friar Sand-have to deal withmany more monsters and misfortunesbefore they finally reach their goal:Thunder Monastery in the westernHeaven where the Lord Buddha lives.Even here their troubles are not at anend. The scriptures they are given atfirst are all blank.On this last part of the journey thedemons come in as wide a range ofshapes and kinds as ever. Among themare spider-women who spin webs fromtheir navels, a pride of lion monstersand a terrlble female spirit who carriesthe Tang Priest down into her bottom-less cave to marry him. These and allthe other fiends test to the very limitMonkey\'s ingenuity, supernatural pow-ers and connections throughout theuniverse. As in earlier volumes, he ishindered as much as helped by theoafish but loveable Pig.The story is told with the zest, im-aglnation and humour that have madeit one of China\'s best-loved novels forfour hundred years. It is not just a taleof the fantastic; it is also rich in in-sights into human nature and humansociety.The illustrations are taken from anineteenth-century Chinese edition ofthe book. A "Translator\'s Afterword" discuss-es this great feast of the imaginationand outlines how the cycle of legendsgrew over many hundred years.Jacket drawing by: Wei Wei.
Journey to the West is a classic Chinese mythological novel. It was written during the Ming Dynasty based on traditional folktales. Consisting of 100 chapters, this fantasy relates the adventures of a Tang Dynasty (618-907) priest Sanzang and his three disciples, Monkey, Pig and Friar Sand, as they travel west in search of Buddhist Sutra. The first seven chapters recount the birth of the Monkey King and his rebellion against Heaven. Then in chapters eight to twelve, we learn how Sanzang was born and why he is searching for the scriptures, as well as his preparations for the journey. The rest of the story describes how they vanquish demons and monsters, tramp over the Fiery Mountain, cross the Milky Way, and after overcoming many dangers, finally arrive at their destination - the Thunder Monastery in the Western Heaven - and find the Sutra.
Attached are a number of illustrations drawn during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
Chapter 1
The Divine Root conceives and the spring breaks forth;
As the minds nature is cultivated the Great Way arises.
Chapter 2
He becomes aware of the wonderful truth of enlightenment;
By killing the demon he realizes his spirit-nature.
Chapter 3
The Four Seas and Thousand Mountains all submit;
In the Ninth Hell the Tenth Category is struck off the register.
Chapter 4
Dissatisfied at being appointed Protector of the Horses;
Not content with the title of Equal of Heaven.
Chapter y
After chaos among the peaches the Great Sage steals the pills;
In the revolt against Heaven the gods capture the demons.
Chapter 6
Guanyin comes to the feast and asks the reason why;
The Little Sage uses his might to subdue the Great Sage.
Chapter 7
The Great Sage escapes from the Eight Trigrams Furnace;
The Mind Ape is fixed beneath Five Elements Mountain.
Chapter 8
Our Buddha creates the Scriptures and passes on Perfect Bliss;
Guanyin obeys a decree and goes to Changan.
Chapter 9
Chen Guangrui comes to grief on his way to his post;
The monk of the river current avenges his parents.
Chapter 10
With a stupid plan the dragon king breaks the laws of Heaven;
Minister Wei sends a letter to an officer of Hell.
Chapter 11
After touring the underworld Taizong returns to life;
By presenting a pumpkin Liu Quan continues his marriage.
Chapter 12
The Tang Emperor keeps faith and holds a Great Mass;
Guanyin appears to the reincarnated Golden Cicada.
Chapter 13
He falls into the tigers den and is saved by the Great White Planet;
On Double-Forked Peak Boqin entertains the priest.
Chapter 14
The mind-ape returns to truth;
The six bandits disappear without trace.
Chapter 15
On the Coiled Snake Mountain the gods give secret help;
In the Eagles Sorrow Gorge the thought-horse is reined in.
Chapter 16
The monks of the Guanyin Monastery plot to take the treasure;
The monster of the Black Wind Mountain steals the cassock.
Chapter 17
Brother Monkey makes trouble on the Black Wind Mountain;
Guanyin subdues the Bear Spirit.
Chapter 18
The Tang Priest is rescued in the Guanyin Temple;
The Great Sage removes a monster from Gao Village.
Chapter 19
In the Cloud Pathway Cave Sun Wukong wins over Zhu Bajie;
On Pagoda Mountain Xuanzang receives the Heart Sutra.
Chapter 20
The Tang Priest meets trouble on the Yellow Wind Ridge;
Pig wins mastery halfway up the mountain.
Chapter 21
The Guardians of the Faith build a farm for the Great Sage;
Lingji from Sumeru pacifies the wind devil.
Chapter 22
Pig fights a great battle in the Flowing Sands River;
Moksa obeys the Dharma and wins Friar Sand over.
Chapter 23
Sanzang does not forget the basic;
The four holy ones have their piety tested.
Chapter 24
On the Mountain of Infinite Longevity a great immortal entertains an old friend;
In the Wuzhuang Temple Monkey steals manfruit.
Chapter 25
The Immortal Zhen Yuan captures the pilgrim priest;
Monkey makes havoc in the Wuzhuang Temple.
Chapter 26
Sun Wukong looks for the formula in the Three Islands;
Guanyin revives the tree with a spring of sweet water.
Chapter 27
The corpse fiend thrice tricks Tang Sanzang;
The holy monk angrily dismisses the Handsome Monkey King.
Chapter 28
On the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit the devils rise;
Sanzang meets a monster in the Black Pine Forest.
Chapter 29
Sanzang delivered crosses a border;
A grateful Pig tours mountains and forests.
Chapter 30
An Evil Monster harms the true law;
The Thought-Horse remembers the Mind-Ape.
Chapter 31
Pig moves the Monkey King through his goodness;
Sun the Novice subdues the ogre through cunning.
Chapter 32
On Fktt-top Mountain the Duty God delivers a message;
In Lotus Flower Cave Pig runs into trouble.
Chapter 33
Heterodoxy confuses the true nature;
The primal deity helps the original heart.
Chapter 34
The demon kings cunning causes the Mind-ape trouble;
The Great Sage wins the treasures through improvisation.
Chapter 35
The power of heterodoxy oppresses the true nature;
The Mind-ape wins the treasures and beats the demons.
Chapter 36
When the Mind-ape stands correct all evil causes submit;
When the side-gate is smashed the moon appears in its brightness.
Chapter 37
The royal ghost visits the Tang Priest at night;
Wukongs magic transformation lures the boy.
Chapter 38
Questioning his mother the boy sorts right from wrong;
When Metal and Wood join in the mystery truth and falsehood are clear.
Chapter 39
A pill of red cinnabar is brought from Heaven;
After three years the monarch is revived.
Chapter 67
The Dhyana-nature is stable and Tuoluo Village is saved;
The mind of the Way is purified as corruption is removed.
Chapter 68
In the land of Purpuria the Tang Priest discusses history;
Sun the Pilgrim in his charity offers to be a doctor.
Chapter 69
The hearts master prepares medicine in the night;
The monarch discusses a demon at the banquet.
Chapter 70
The evil monsters treasures emit smoke sand and fire;
Wukong steals the golden bells by trickery.
Chapter 71
Under a false name Monkey beats the demon hound;
Guanyin appears to subdue the demon king.
Chapter 72
The Seven Emotions confuse the basic in Gossamer Cave;
At Filth-cleansing Spring Pig forgets himself.
Chapter 73
The Emotions bear a grudge and inflict disaster;
The hearts master smashes the light when he meets the demons.
Chapter 74
Li Changgeng reports the demons vicious nature;
The Novice displays his powers of transformation.
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